OBSC Full Membership 2021/22

  • OBSC Full Membership 2021/22

Full Membership to OBSC 2020/21 Includes:

- Discounted shooting at E J Churchill
- Ability to purchase "member only" stash
- Invitations to exclusive evening events across the UK
- Invitations to national shooting competitions and subsidised tournaments
- Subsidised travel and accommodation for away competitions (provided by OBSC)
- After uni employment and intern opportunities
- Free alcohol at socials (when they recommence)
- Ability to buy Fishies tickets (when allowed)
- Early access and priority to some Ox Events tickets (events coming soon)

Card Collected in person at OBSC collection events or social events. Reasonable adjustments can be made to accommodate students.

This membership lasts from purchase date to August 30th 2021

Terms and conditions:
Members must abide by the terms of the OBSC Constitution, bylaws and code of conduct. The Committee reserve the right remove membership from members under their powers granted by the club constitution.